How to Ride a Scooter: Electric, Motor, and Kick


Riding a scooter is an amazing form of transportation. It is much more efficient than driving a car. It is because it can avoid traffic congestion and help you reach your destination in due time. And most importantly scooters are environment-friendly. All types of scooters except motor scooters have no carbon footprint.

There are three types of scooters out there. These are a kick scooter, a stand-up electric scooter, and a motor scooter. The riding technique of each type of scooter is different. In this article, we will discuss how to ride each of the types separately.

Riding A Kick Scooter

  • Buy A Kick Scooter

If you are new to the scooting world, purchase a new model of scooter. For beginners, buying a pro scooter would be the right choice.

  • Put on protective gear

Before starting riding a kick scooter, make sure to wear a bike helmet. You may feel uncomfortable putting on a helmet, but it is an essential gear that kick scooter drivers must wear. The helmet saves riders from a fatal head injury. Besides helmets, there are some other protective gears which include elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist pads that trainee riders must wear to prevent injury if they suffer accidental falls.

  • Find a suitable place

Find a long, flat road or paved road. The smooth surface will be helpful to move forward while riding a kick scooter.

  • Take the right stance

Place a leg that you feel less strong compared to the other on the deck of the scooter. Keep the other foot on the ground, grip the handlebars with both of your hands and lean forward slightly.

  • Push off the ground using your strong leg

The leg you placed on the deck, plant it there firmly. Bend the knee of that planted foot slightly and then push off the ground using your strong leg. This will push you forward. To increase the speed of the kick scooter, straighten your planted leg and kick the ground using the leg that is not on the deck. To kick, use powerful and long strides.

While gliding, keep your kicking foot close to the ground so that you can easily stabilize yourself in case you start to tip.

  • Move your kicking foot on the scooter

Once you have picked up a good speed and acquire a good balance on the scooter, move your kicking leg onto the scooter deck and place it behind your planted leg.

  • Brake smoothly to stop the scooter

To stop, press down on the brake gradually so that you don’t stop the scooter abruptly. Controlling the speed of the scooter depends both on the brakes and your kicking leg. While riding the scooter, make sure that you are not kicking the ground too often. Also, make sure that you are wearing solid shoes while scooting.

Some important precautions while riding a kick scooter

  • Maintain a safe speed and make sure you have full control over the scooter and stop it instantly if needed
  • While riding in urban areas, give attention to pedestrians
  • When passing downhill, be careful about the speed of the scooter. It is because chances are high that excessive speed may cause you to lose control of the scooter.
  • Do not make a race with a car. Accept the higher speed of a car than a scooter.
  • Obey traffic laws

Riding an electric scooter

  • Buying an electric scooter

The price of electric scooters varies from model to model. Starting from $1,000 apiece, the price of an electric scooter can be as high as $1,500.

  • Charge your new scooter

Make sure your newly bought scooter is fully charged before taking it to the street.

  • Wear a helmet

Electric scooters can travel at a speed of 18mph. Make sure that you wear a helmet even if you are an expert scooter rider.

  • Plant both feet on the deck

Place both feet on the scooter’s deck and keep them there unless you need to get off the scooter. Place them next to each other.

  • Press the throttle button with your right thumb to speed up the scooter

To slow down the scooter, press the brake with your left thumb. Another way to slow down the scooter is by using the foot brake which is situated at the back of the scooter.

When not in use, fold up the electric scooter

Riding a motor scooter

Riding a motor scooter is different from other types of scooters we discussed so far. To ride this type of scooter, participating in a training course is a good idea. The course will help you to learn the basics and make you prepare to go out on the road.


Scooters are inexpensive and a great choice to travel short distances. Riding kick scooters also offers some important health benefits.

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