How to Pack a Bike for Travel: A Complete Guide

How To Pack A Bike For Travel

Taking your bike along with you becomes a necessity if you intend to tour the countryside and ride a bike. However, the sound of packing a bike, for example, a fixed gear bike appears to be awkward. Here are some easy steps to pack a bike if you want to take the bike on the go.

Book your bike with the plane or train beforehand

Whether you are flying or journeying on a train, it is a good idea to book your bike on board beforehand. A few trains and airline companies will inevitably charge you extra for your bike bag. However, the amount is not big. It is not more than $100. And, the amount varies from company to company.

But, what if you forget to book the bike bag before your arrival at the airport or train station. Well, this is not the end of the world. The train or airline employees will sort the problem eventually.

Weigh the bike twice

You can easily understand it is the weight of the bike for which you will pay an extra charge. So, determine the weight of the bike carefully. However, one good news is if your means of traveling train, you will need not to count extra charge. But, when it comes to air travel, there is no exemption in carrying the cost of the bike. While weighing, you need to determine the gross weight of the bike and the packing bag or box together before taking it to the airport.

Pack the bike in something

Airline or train companies want you to pack the bike in something to make it portable. To do it, you have two options here-pack the bike in a bike box or bike bag. Which one you will use depends on a few factors.

Bike bag

Traveling by a bike bag is convenient since the packing process of the bike into the bag is quick and easy to wheel around. Also, the bag keeps the bike well-protected. However, one con of the bag is, it is heavier than a box and you need to buy, borrow or hire one. If you plan traveling frequently with your bike, purchasing a bike bag is a worthy decision.

Bike box

Traveling by a bike box is a little difficult since it does not come with wheels. And the packing process of the bike inside a bike box is a bit challenging. However, the good side is a bike box is a cheaper option than a bike bag. Another advantage is a bike box weighs less. So, the airline company will also charge you less.

How to pack a bike inside a bike bag

Packing a bike inside a bike bag does not take more than 15 minutes. It is because inside the bag there are separate slots to place the bike’s several parts like forks, BB, derailleur, wheels and fasten these parts with Velcro.

Below are the steps to follow


Take them off and put them in their allocated slots.


Remove both wheels and slot them into their allocated slots. If inserting wheels into the designated slot appears to be a problem, remove brake discs from the wheels.


Take off the whole stem and handlebar combination and place them inside the bag’s separate compartments.

Put the bike inside the bag

After dissembling those parts, place the bike inside the bag and strap it in securely using the straps so that it stays in place.

How to pack a bike inside a box

It takes more time to pack a bike inside a box as there is no pre-made slot in it. Follow below steps

Remove different parts of the bike

Take off the bike’s pedals, handlebars, and derailleur.


Your bike is less secure inside a box than a bike bag. So, you need to protect the frame and parts yourself. Use protective material like bubble wrap to protect forks, handlebars, frame, and derailleur.


If your box is big enough, there is no need to remove the back wheel and only remove the front wheel.

Tape the bottom of the box

A bike box is less sturdy than a bag. So, you need to strengthen it by attaching tape at the entire bottom part as well as at the corners of the box.

Place the bike inside the box

When you take apart different parts of the bike, its structure will be simpler which facilitate you placing it inside the box.

How to carry a helmet

A helmet is an indispensable riding accessory. But, you cannot take it inside the bike bag or box since it may get damaged there. One convenient way to carry it is inside your hand luggage. And the airline security officials will also not object to carrying it in such a way.

Your activity at the airport

When you reach the airport with your bike bag or box, pay the extra charge and get the receipt. Now your bike is ready to travel along with you.

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